Would this turn you guys off or discourage you?

Howdy guys! I have a question for ya. So say you like a girl that is shy, and you know she likes you. You just started dating, and you go to try to kiss her and she turns away shyly. I did this to a guy a couple of days ago, and I feel bad about it, but I just got scared. I didn't turn because I didn't want to kiss him or because I wasn't ready. I really do want to kiss him. I just turned because I've never kissed anyone, so I'm really nervous about it. Would this turn you off of discourage you? Would it make you want a kiss that much more? What would you do about this? What would you do to make her more comfortable and calm her down a bit? Give me all your thoughts about this, please and thank you! Girls, feel free to give your experiences as well!


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  • I had a girlfriend who was a little like this. I'm not sure that what happened with us will apply to you, but I do have some thoughts on the matter, as I've been there.

    Honestly I think it would help a lot if you explained the kissing thing. If you told him that you really wanna kiss him, but you're shy. I think it would explain alot, and maybe help be a little more patient and less hurt, because really, if there's no explanation yet, I think he might get hurt, or annoyed. Nothing good anyway, if he doesn't know what's happening. So you need to tell him what's up.

    Now I don't know what he can do to help you with this, but I might have a few things to tell you, that just might help you feel better about kissing him.

    For one, you don't have to worry about you not having kissed him before. There's nothing to be nervous about. See, it's not like you're gonna screw things up. It's extremely hard to screw up a kiss. Really hard. I've kissed a lot of girls, and even girls who haven't been kissed, and girls who almost never kissed, and one thing I know is that a kiss is really easy. Even if you're not the best kisser in the world, chances are, it will still feel really really nice, and that he'll like it no matter what. In fact, I'm willing to bet, that he'll just be happy he gets to kiss you at all.

    All you really need to do is just put your lips to his, and do what you do. It will likely feel really nice, for both of you, and as for the more complicated stuff like frenching or anything else, you can always work that out as you get to it, but you can't be too scared to try. Just try, and even if it isn't perfect, it will still be really nice, and a lot of fun, so don't worry.

    Anyway, so when you do give it a shot, you should know it's no big deal, but until then try to explain it to him. He needs this. He deserves this. It will help.

    Good luck.

    • Wow. Thanks a million! This was very helpful!

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    • Well, we went to a movie, and when he said goodbye, I kissed him! Your advice gave me a lot more confidence, so again, thanks a ton! :)

    • I'm glad it helped, and I hope you and your guy have a long and wonderful relationship together.

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  • I would try to talk to her why she doesn't want to kiss yet , I would want to comfort her and make her relax :)

    a turnoff , no , not really , we are all human and a little bit shy sometimes :)

  • yea that would discourage me... You know you can always tell him y you avoided the kiss or you can kiss him...

  • I'd take it as a sign that you don't to kiss, and leave it. But if she explained it to me then it'd be fine

  • i wouldn't try to kiss you again I would take that as a bad sign,

    • Even if you knew she was just shy, you wouldn't try again?

    • well if I knew that she was shy I might try again but if she turned away for a 2nd time I would nevert try kissing her again.

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  • It would look like you didn't want to kiss him and most guys would respect this fact and not try again. That means you have to be the one to initiate it.

    You have two choices of how to go about this. Either lean in to kiss him - just be brave and go for it. You can pause a short way from his face, smile at him, glance down at his lips then back at his eyes and, if you lean just a little more he'll definitely get the hint! That way you can be scared as you like at that point and he'll go the rest of the way!

    Or just tell him! You don't have to say it's your first kiss if you don't want to, though I'm sure he'd understand.

    Tell him you don't want him to get the wrong impression - you do like him and you just got nervous.