Guys if you call a girl and she doesn't answer does that just want to make you talk to her more?

if a girl doesn't answer when you call does it make you want to talk to you more or does it just annoy you and make you stop trying?


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  • its the 1,2,3 rule for me, 1st missed call, is she missed the call or was busy, 2nd call, OK that's a tad obnoxious and I'm questioning why I called her and 3rd she's out of there and if I call her again I'm stalking.

    Hope that helps.

    • haha lol stalking

    • im just wondering because my ex boyfriend called me and I answered and he called again and I didn't answer

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  • depends on how well we know each other. I either get blase (oh she's busy, oh well, nvm), or worried (depending on how many times I call).

    • lets say you call her once she answers you talk then you call her again and she doesn't answer

    • depends on how far apart the calls were and about what. Anyway, don't think the worst of it (hey maybe she's busy (with legitimate stuff), maybe she didn't hear it, maybe she's in the bathroom, who knows) and don't press her too much about it when you meet her, that just... clings. Until it becomes a habit, it's just a hiccup. Don't conitnually ring. If you have to leave a message. Don't leave messages regarding the same message (i.e. a message about leaving a message).

  • it makes me go look for another come dumpster


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