Giving him my number please help!!

Met a guy online he seems like a good guy and our profiles are so similar. He sounds serious and not sexual. He asked me to meet on Tues after work for a date. I am going to reply that sounds great and that I would like to meet him. But what exactly do I say? How do I slip in my number?

Do I just say "Yes meeting on Tuesday would be great!" or do I also slip in my number? Or should I say something like "Tuesday would be great! Any place you have in mind?" (he wants to take me out for coffee) to keep the conversation flowing?

Basically do I slip in my number or wait for him to ask? He obviously will need to?

And how long should I wait to reply between messages? He messaged me about5 hours ago. I am deciding if I should message him now or in the morning. Don't want to look too desperate!

He gave me his personal email so when I email him should I add in my number? Or just let him lead?


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  • If he's into you, he'll ask how to get ahold of you.

    Wait until morning


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  • You are thinking way too much into this. You need to forget all of the "rules" in your head about communicating with a guy. Just give him your number, tell him that communicating would be easier that way. If I was you I'd say "That sounds good to me, do you have anything in mind? By the way, here's my number 37437498349058." Meet him at a public place though, you never know with online dating.

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