Does this guy think I'm into him, or is he just not into texting me?

Okay, so there's this guy at my school, who seemed pretty cool. We would talk on occasion and say hey to each other when we passed by. The other morning I asked him for his number so we could just text. I texted him twice this week, but he never replied. I just want to know if he thinks I'm into him but he isn't into me and doesn't want to text me and he's flattering himself on me or am I flattering myself by thinking that and he just doesn't want to text me, because I already have a boyfriend, and if I was into him, I would have used a less friendly approach and a more flirty approach lol so should I ask him what's up? Because for the past couple of days I didn't speak to him, so should I try to set things straight or forget him?


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  • You have the answer already. You. Have. A. Boyfriend. The guy you're trying to be friends with is being respectful of that relationship and don't want to meddle with it.

    • This guy doesn't know my BF, but he may have seen the picture of us on my cell phone when I was getting his number and figured that it was, but lol I understand that he's probably trying to be respectful, but I don't let any of my friends meddle into my relationship regardless of who they are. Friends and Boyfriends are in two different catagories for me, I keep them both in their places. Thanks for the advice :)

    • That's good to know :) there is nothing wrong in making new friends even if you are in a relationship. We are still young and we need to enjoy life :)

    • Exactlly! :)) as long as evrybody is cool with each other :)

  • Maybe your texts came in while he was hanging with his friends, or in class or something, and he just forgot to reply. Guys do that all the time, strange as it seems to girls.