How easy or hard is it for an average or below average guy to meet girls online?

Lets say he has his picture up and yes I know everyone has a different definition of good looking but lets say generally speaking most girls wouldn't find this guy very good looking.

I am not asking for advice on how to meet girls online. I am a chick and am wondering how much luck this guy I unfortunately still have feeling for is doing replacing me. It is sad since I have replaced him with a crazy hot guy but I am still thinking of the jerk who wasn't even good looking.


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  • Would be easy if he took some really good photos of himself well groomed and with some nice clothes on, and also around a lot of girls. Also it helps if the main picture isn't looking directly at the camera and smiling. Studies have shown that women rate men as more attractive in pictures when they aren't looking at the camera and instead look brooding as opposed to grinning. Psychologically, apparently, guys rate women as more attractive when they make eye contact and smile and appear jovial whereas women rate guys more attractive when their emotions appear "mixed" under control and serious. Also, and this seems to be a cliche, its all in the profile too, for instance not revealing too much about yourself but not revealing so little that the profile isn't engaging. The trick is to create a profile that's a bit mysterious, tactfully humorous, easy to read in a few minutes and makes the person reading it feel introduced. However I'll argue here that women don't read profiles as much as you think, and usually respond not because of the profile but because of the picture and initial message. Ironically, women demand men to read their profiles even though they don't read guys profiles as much but this might be because the men do the messaging first, requiring him to read the profile in the first place. Pay for dating sites have a higher rate of success as opposed to free dating sites, and this maybe because of the commitment involved. In other words, when you have to pay for the site, it usually means your more inclined to be looking for a date as opposed a free dating site, where some women might not take it seriously or only join for an ego boost. So good luck bro, I'm sure you'll do fine finding a girl.

    • Every time I see a guy with a picture surrounded by girls, I ignore him because it says he is an idiot who thinks this will make girls like him and obviously doesn't know girls at all. The second part I have heard. He is always smiling in his pictures, mind you that is what I liked about him but I guess I am different. I never read profiles unless the guy is attractive. There is no point.

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    • #1 concern for me is that the guy is attractive. A guy may be a great guy but without attraction he will only ever be a friend. I have plenty of guy friends some have at some point had a crush on me. I don't need more of those.

      I only read the profile if the guy is attractive.Profiles are over rated anyway they only say what the poster wants you to think of them. You really need to start talking to them to get to know them.

    • Calling those girls skanks isn't nice.

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  • Pretty tough online if you're looking at younger people. If he's like 50 and dating 45 year olds, average might be fine online.

    • Lets pretend he is a younger guy looking for older women then.

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    • I have a boyfriend. I am just curious because of something a guy did to me in the past.

    • Of course a 24 year old guy will be far more attractive compared to a 40 or 50 year old. As I get older I am finding I am not really into guys my own age anymore. I am starting to like guys younger more and more.

  • online- no chance

    real life- good chance

  • Depends on his personality too .

    If he is funny - he shouldn't find it difficult else it might be a little challenging .

    • Good personality but not funny. I was the one always making him laugh. He was always insecure around me.

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  • Oh anon, you're totally a guy.

    • Why would I pretend to be a girl. LOL

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