I pulled a mate's girl?

i didn't recognize her at the gym. hadn't seen her in a long time. chatted her up at gym, went back in her car and fooled around. she took my number and texted already that she wants to meet again. then it hit me..she's my mates bird. wtf do I do now? need best advice..

thinking of saying my girlfriend read her texts and got pissed off and that I can't talk to her anymore. some sh*t like that. please help. Thanks...


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  • just keep on telling her your busy, she'll get the memo and leave you alone

    • but I don't want to be a d*** about it. it was an honest mistake. don't know what I was thinking. isn't there a better way to cut it off somehow ?

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    • my mate wouldn't even want me to be friends with her. he was nearly engaged to her.

    • you don't actually have to be friends, it'll probably kill her self esteem and she'll leave you alone

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  • Good work mate!

    Keep up the good work!

    • dude..i wish I never saw her at the gym. I just want to cut it off cold turkey. its a messed up situation.