Is it okay that we made out on the first date?

I have never felt so much chemistry with another guy as I have felt with him. It was an awesome date that ended in us making out for over an hour in his car. Now I'm wondering if maybe that was too soon to be doing that. It didn't lead to us having sex just mostly touching and grouping. lol He later text me to ask if everything was okay. I guess he was making sure I was satisfied with his performance. So I definitely know he'll be calling me again for another date. I just don't want to move things too fast.

Soo too fast? Or is it just fine?

Also I've known him for a while and we just recently started talking romantically. He text/calls me everyday. So we're not just some random people that just met. As for making out we kissed on the lips and neck and touched each other places. that's it. lol


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  • I personally & so the firends I have talked to... its not too soon. as long as there is chemistry, who cares? ... that's shouldn't matter... did you texted him back?... he should take you out in another date, if he doesn't then his loss! :D

    • He text me not long after posting this question. He's definitely into me I don't doubt that for a second. lol

    • then is definitely not too soon! kisses are gooooooood!