What would you suggest as the best way to evaluate potential relationships? Continue or stop?

I am talking to a lovely girl that I adore. She is very intelligent, well mannered and disciplined which is something I always wanted. Okay so I used to be one of those guys complaining about not having a girlfriend and I learned to just talk to girls without being judgemental. I also learning to take risk therefore stop trying to "calculate" relationships.

Now back to the girl, like I was saying she is the girl I would like to make my girlfriend which I feel like we are headed that way but

1) She is 18 and I am 21. ( It's fine with me but I am kind of scared how people will react)

2) She wants to go to college out of state

So my main concern is do I stop now because she might be going to school out of state? Or do I continue because I never know what the future holds? Take risk? Long distance relationship?

Stop now before feeling get too deep? Continue and believe we can make it work?


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  • dude just go for it...18 and 21 is barely an age gap lol. I've dated people 13 years older. I have friends who have dated 20 years older...no one cares about 3 years older lol.

    out of state: she's young. that's a problem so far in the future it doesn't really affect your situation. she may redecide tomorrow lol. maybe she just said that once. maybe if she had a hot boyfriend at home she wouldn't move. maybe she just doesn't like living near her parents. if you ever actually get serious with her you two can just move in together and then move together, to somewhere you both choose and discuss like rational adults.

    just give it a shot. you won't know if you don't try. and really I see absolutely nothing wrong with trying with her, you're worried over spilled milk...

    • lol thanks I just needed a second opinion. Oh yeah thought I am in school too so I can't just get up and leave. I still have little over a year left. Thanks though I really needed this.

    • yea but long distance after you know each other for a long time and have a plan on how to make it work and be together again...like 6 months is nothing for a potential lifetime of bliss if its a cool relationship

  • 3 years is nothing. Really. I'm talking to a guy right now who is 13 years older.

    No one will react because you aren't 14 and 17. You are both legal and this is legit.

    College wouldn't be for a while. I say go for it because it isn't like it's the summer right now and she's leaving. Plus she doesn't know where she is definitely going to college yet.


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