Did I just ruin a potential relationship?

I been dating this guy for almost a month. He texts me everyday and tells me how much he likes me and likes spending time with me. On our last date we ended up hooking up (he went down on me). I know he likes me but our relationship is currently to be determine. How how you guys feel about hooking up before being "exclusive" ? Did I potentially ruin the relationship before it even started?


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  • i wouldn't stress it.

    youve been dating for a month, if you both like each other its fine. that doesn't ruin anything.

    if he is the kind of person to just tell you what you want to hear to get what he wants, than I doubt youd wanna see him again anyway. And if that was the case, I doubt he'd just go down on you. and if he did, he wouldn't just be done with you.

    the fact the he did what he did during the hookup without expecting anything else probably means he genuinely likes you


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  • I'm not trying to be mean, but in my experience at least guys normally but girls into two things, girlfriends and people to hookup with. Even though he texted you saying he likes you, it doesn't mean much because most guys would say anything to get into a girls pants. But I hope it does work out for you!

    • He doesn't tell me that he likes me over text, me tells me in person. He texts me everyday to see how my day is going. Anyways, when it was done and over with, I said, what did we do, we are moving way too fast and I definitely do not want to be friends with benefits, he said its fine, he's patient and he can wait. But then again your right... he can just be telling me what I want to hear...

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  • In my opnion I think you took things a little too fast but I don't think you ruined it, for all you know he might be remembering it and wanting more!