Why did he blow me off after saying he would call me?

so I wrote once before about this and I still can't get my head around it. met what I thought to be a nice guy. and he may very well be a nice guy still. really hit it off. took it slow physically in the beginning but last couple dates ended up sleeping together. known him about 2 months. talked for hours very affectionate. and now nothing. it's been a solid week. I sent him a text Friday night with an inside joke that had to do with him not contacting me all week...he got right back to me laughing thought it was funny said yeah I've just been swamped with work and have 3 more days of really bad work schedule. I wrote back joking around too said I was going out and to gimme a call tomorrow...he wrote back saying he would and to have fun. never heard from him yesterday. so I'm guessing I'm being blown off and he's just too nice/feels guilty to say it to me? but y even respond to my text if he was going to do that? it's like he gave me the idea everything was fine. I feel really stupid right now and hurt. I mean even if he is super busy y say you will call and then don't unless you're trying to give message you're not into someone? I know I sound anxious and silly but I really fell for him and feel really sad right now.


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  • when I guy says he's gonna call and doesn't it basically means I had fun (probably) but I don't want to take it any further... it might be the case that all he wanted from you was sex (believe it or not) and after he got that he doesn't want to see you... he probably didn't want to not text back because he didn't want to outright ignore you... he might want to take things further but hasn't had time, talk to him, or a mutual friend and find out...