He says he likes me?

So I was texting this guy. He kept asking me who I liked and I finally told him it was him. He said this:

J: Lol wow

L: Why did you want to know?

J: Cause I think you're cutee :]

L: But you have a girlfriend

J: Just because I have a girlfriend doesn't mean I can't say you're cute...

L: Well you usually don't say stuff like this...are you being a d

ick right now? or are you being serious?

J: No I really think you're cute :]

L: Well I think you're cute too :]

And then this happened:

J: I feel bad about this cause noah likes you :/

L: why do you feel bad?

J: He's my good friend

L: But I don't like him...

J: But he likes all the girls I like and I try not to tell him that I talk to them, cause he gets mad

L h...but it doesn't matter, you have a girlfriend...nothing is gonna happen

J: I know, but we still talk about girls a lot, and I'm allowed to like a dislike people

L: Ya, but we aren't going to date or anything...so it doesn't really matter...just don't talk about me

J: I won't. But you're still adorable ?

Idk what to do, I really like him...but he has a girlfriend. And someone told me he probably just wants to get in my pants...

Well that's disappointing...


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  • I think it would be best to just back away from the whole situation. It is possible he has legit feelings for you and you wouldn't want to encourage them since he has a girlfriend. It is also possible though that he's in a mood and acting stupid at the moment.


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  • Well normally it's true. Someone can still say someone is cute or pretty or adorable even in a relationship. Women too. They can say a guy is cute or handsome or whatever. It's fine, so long as s/he's not doing anything. Not hitting on anyone, not trying to get anywhere with it. So long as there's no intent involved, for the most part it should be fine.

    Not this guy. This guy is playing with fire. He's directly hitting on you, and I have to agree with your friend. He's trying to get in your pants.

    Now you say you don't know what to do. I can make that easy for you. Don't go for him. Ever. If you're confused about this, I will make things very clear. Don't. He's trouble. And not the good kind of trouble that too many girls think of as adventurous and sexy. This is the bad kind that leads to ruined relationships, friendships, and ultimately feeling sleazy, dirty and all around awful.

    Say for argument's sake that you did go for him and you did something of it. Would you feel good about yourself knowing that you're the other girl? You're a mistress. A heartbreaker. Homewrecker. By many accounts people refer to girls who engage in this kind of activity as a slut. Imagine if people found out. How would you feel about this? Do you want people to know? Because I can already guarantee from this small amount of information that this jackass is not the kind of guy who'll keep his mouth shut. Also: what if his girlfriend found out. Do you wanna deal with that kind of drama? And this is all assuming you messed around while he was still dating her.

    Now what do you think would happen if he left her for you. Do you think you could trust him? He's already shown that he doesn't care about girls enough to be faithful, he's clearly gonna be hitting on other girls even if you had him. Do you wanna deal with that? And if he was willing to dump her for you, how long before he dumps you for the next girl? It's all just a big ball of ugliness in the end.

    Here's what I suggest you do.

    Forget about him. He's not the boyfriend type. He's just not. I'm not sure if you're still enamored with him "because he's so hawt" or what, but seriously I say forget about him. Drop him. Stay far away from him, and find some guy who's not a total scumbag and see about him instead. Maybe while you're at it, tell his girlfriend what kinda crap he's been up to, and let her know that he's trying to cheat on her. Make sure he loses out on this, because man, do I ever think this guy needs some form of karmic justice.

    Point is, he's bad for you, and you deserve way better. Believe me, I know.

    Good luck with this.

    • Maybe it's disappointing, but can you really say that I don't make a good point? Can you really say that I'm entirely wrong here?

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    • While I'm sure you're probably a nice enough girl, I have to say that first of all it's doubtful. He seems more like some operator setting up his next girl, or a girl to fool around with on the side. But secondly even if that were the case, I fall back on my previous statements and questions in the above answer up there. I mean read it through. Do you really want to deal with that? I guarantee this is going to end badly even if you did get him somehow. Do you want that? Are you that desperate?

    • Well no I'm not desperate...I just really like him :/

  • I am with Toban on this one. It really sounds like he is just setting you up as either a second girlfriend, which is NEVER a good idea no matter how much you like him because not only are you getting cheated on but you are also a means by which he is cheating on someone else, or even just to have sex with. Don't go for this one. Just by the way he says it and because of the situation I can tell you it isn't something you want to get into.

    I have thought I really liked a girl that, lets just say didn't have my best interest at heart, and I am so glad that I never got into anything with her. Frankly if he is even considering cheating on his current girlfriend then why would you want him because what is to stop him from doing the same to you. No any relationship with this guy will lead to heartache no matter how much you like him or how much you think he likes you.

    My advise?

    Don't even start it. This guy will use you and then drop you like he is considering doing with his current girl. I am sure that you will find a guy you likes you for you and isn't a scumbag who would consider dropping you for another girl or even cheat on you behind your back. If I had ended up with the girl I liked before my friends talked some sense into me I would not be as happy as I am now. I now have an amazing girlfriend who I know will never cheat on me and actually cares about me. Matter of fact she even tells me when other guys have hit on her so I know to look out for them. I would do exactly what Toban said, drop him and while your at it let his current girlfriend know what has been going on. She deserves to know as much as you deserve a better guy than this one.


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