Real love or not? someone help?

OK so about six months ago I meet a great guy online . 2 months within getting to know each other , he tells me I'm everything he was looking for and so on , problem is he's long distance from me , he now wants to come visit me , I'm fine with that , but I'm afraid that all our talk has just been game of his because he super sexy and kind so could get any female he wants , so I don't understand why would he choose someone far away to fall in love with . I do feel the same way for him but I hold back a lot because I don't won't to be hurt , what do you think about this ? Please feel free to ask any questions !

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  • I've done a lot of online dating, but I don't date people outside my area. This is a tough one, I'd say go ahead and let him come visit, if he's paying to fly to see you and get a hotel, I think that would be fine, definitely don't let him stay at your place, because if he's not who he says he is, it's too awkward to get him out. But, if eh does fly in and get his own hotel and he seems real, etc...then I think you need to pay for his meals when you eat out, and both of your entertainment, etc...he shouldn't have to pay for everything. Good Luck and please be careful.


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  • Sometimes, a "sexy" guy can't find the right girl in his area because he doesn't find anyone compatible with him. Maybe he's not attractive to the girls in his area. Personally, I get mixed messages all of the time. Some girls find me attractive and many don't. The test would be to tell him that you have trust issues with guys and you want to slow down on the physical part. If he understands, supports your decision, and doesn't push sex on you, then you will know.

  • I'd say, go for it. Try being more, but be careful. Let people know (friends and family) where you'll be and when. Don't let him push you into stuff. If he pushes for sex (he could be a player after all, yes some are that sad to go even so far to play a girl) then you know his character and can dump his ass.


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  • Give it a shot and see what happens. You won't know for sure whether or not he's genuine unless you do. Just make sure you take things slow.

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