Men and texting behavior?

so here's the deal, I met this guy from a dating website, we hit it off from the first date, spent all afternoon talking and at the end of the day we kissed... on the second date we had sex... we have been chatting from the very beginning, through the website, then skype and text.. I don't mind the not phone talking because to be honest I'm not fan of it... we have text everyday quite a lot; during the first date he said I gain points because I paid for the dinner, he paid for the second date, so is 50/50... now I know I should think good of it, but we live in different cities an hour away... he kept texting as often after the sex...(except for today which none of us had! but I don't really care about this detail ) I know I should think good of this behavior , but I haven't been very good a reading men in the past sooo.. if the guy is texting this much, is he truly interested...?


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  • Well I would say yea he truly is interested, because I wouldn't text NO BODY who I didn't really want nothing to do with and to have all that talking through skype and texting and stuff...I would say yea it's real


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