I have become totally disinterested in dating and relationships. Is there something wrong with me?

So many guys are just so disappointing. And no, I'm not saying that so that a bunch of good guys can come here and vent/whine about how "There are good guys out there! It's just that girls like bad boys and blah blah blah" I know there are good guys as well as sh*tty guys out there. Save your breath because you will not be telling me anything new. What I'm saying is that, most guys have not matured and grown to a point where they are all around, genuine, good guys. There are a lot of girls who are like that as well. They have not matured and grown to a point to where they're not selfish, backstabbing, ho-ish, using people. Most people haven't reached that level of good nature.

Anyway, my point here is that I'm tired of having hope for guys who disappoint me. It's like my heart has turned off when it comes to dating and relationships. No, I'm not a sociopath lol. I have feelings lol I don't feel alone or lonely. I have a ton of friends and a ton of wonderful things to explore and delve into in my life. I think that's apart of what has created this detached, careless attitude on dating and relationships as well as the disappointment I've experienced. I kinda think that I just need a special type of guy to come along whom I have great chemistry with...someone who is so great that I won't be able to say no to dating him...idk...

Has anyone else ever felt like this? How did your situation play out? What is your general opinion of this topic?


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  • I think most people have at one point or another. I know a few that haven't but they all have serious self esteem problems and think they NEED to be in a relationship to be a whole person.

    You are normal. Don't worry about, use it as an opportunity to really get to know yourself or travel or take up a new hobby you have always wanted to try. Stuff like that.

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