How can I get answers while showing him that I'm angry, yet still turn him on?

This guy has been on and off.. we've been going at whatever this is since June. I've liked him for a year now. He started showing real interest in me in June right after a breakup. We talked for about a month and even set up a date. But he canceled the night before and said he needed time. So we didn't talk much until a month later , when he start IMing me again. We were constantly talking about hanging out for the next three weeks until we finally DID hang out. It was nice, just a movie and I spent the night at his place: no sex, just light kissing. Despite that he said he was looking forward to hanging out again, we rarely talked til the next time we hung out, three weeks later! We hung out four times over the next couples weeks after that. Then finals came around and we couldn't hang out for two weeks. Then Thanksgiving came around and our families preventing us from hanging out for another two weeks. All this time, we were constantly talking and couldn't wait to hang out again. He told me that as soon as his family leaves, it would free him up a lot and he wouldn't mind staying up late to hang out. Then his family left, and now he's retreating from me. He rarely responds to my texts and makes up excuses why we can't hang out. The last thing he said to me about it was "we'll work it out to hang out sometime soon." That was five days ago. I told him last night that he either needs to tell me when we are hanging out next or why we aren't hanging out again. And I Haven't talk to him since.

I'm tired of giving up on guys. If we go our separate ways, I want it to be because I decided I didn't want him anymore. But I do, really badly. So I plan on texting him something when I KNOW he is free to hang out, "stop being a p**** and tell me what's wrong. or get over here so I can suck your d***" or keep sending him dirty pictures. or more dirty texts. I know I turn him on, he's recently told me multiple times.

guys, what is your reaction? crazy girl or must have her? what should I do to win the guy?


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  • If a girl texted me telling me she wanted to suck my d*** I'd drop what I was doing


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