I asked a girl out, she said she was busy next 2 weeks with finals, but can def do something after that

So I finally got the nerve to ask this girl out I like. We have hung out in group settings plenty of times, but finally last week we met up to watch a Caps game at a bar (we are both big Caps fans). We had a really good time and she even said so in a text later that night. So yesterday I asked her to go bowling (found out while watching the Caps she enjoys bowling) on Saturday night, but she is busy already. She is actually bowling with some of her friends already. So I took that in stride made a corny joke about great minds thinks alike and that we should do something some other time. She never flat out said no, so figured I should push a little bit more. Her response was we can definitely do something some other time, but she needs to finish the next two weeks of school first (She is still in college and finals are next week). She definitely mimicked me in her response (that is good right?) and even though she is busy right now she gave a timetable that she will be available. How should I read this response? I'm a few years older and I appreciate someone that cares about school and succeeding. That is one of the qualities I like about her. What is my next move from here?


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  • Finals are legit excuses. But in my opinion, it depends what kind of class her finals are for. If it's for a hard class like the sciences or math, then it's somewhat understandable. I say somewhat because when I have exams to study for, I don't make any plans with anyone for the entire weekend. But then I end up not doing anything during the night because I'm burnt out from studying the entire day. So tell her that if she needs a study break, to give you a call.

    I was in this situation, though it was a regular exam and not a final. The guy wanted to see me the weekend before my exam and I wanted to see him, too, but decided to stay home the entire day. He also told me to call me if I needed a study break, but I didn't. I ended up not doing anything later that night, which sucked. But he also lives 30 miles away from me, so the commute would've been up to an hour depending on traffic and whatnot.


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  • She is pretty much saying no but not as direct and in a way that she would think that does not harm you. When a girl really likes a guy she would not make up excuses, she would skip out on her plans to be with the one she liked.


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  • This is a classic case of disinterest.

    Girls like this are a dime a dozen friend.

    They ALWAYS have an freakin' SUPER LAME excuse, and they can never find that time(for YOU).

    Strange they can find time to hang out with their friends even though they are SO INCREDIBLY busy with finals...make's you wonder.

    Here's the reality: If she really likes you she CAN find the time. Everyone no matter how busy can squeeze in an hour or two somewhere in the day. When you like someone YOU can find the time even if it means sacrificing it somewhere else, or slamming a energy drink if you are tired. Whatever,...You do what you have to.

    Why does this girl have a excuse? Why is she any different? If she can make sacrifices for you as you are willing for her. Forget her, you deserve better! Move on.