I'm so tired of being alone!

Anyone else out there feeling this way?

I've been alone for a bit after going through some bad relationships. I'm ready to go back out there and find a decent guy.. but I don't know how! I've never gone searching for someone on purpose and I don't think I'm that type of the girl to do so! My relationships have all developed out of friendships and knowing the person more than just a first encounter.

Anyone else out there feeling stuck in the rut? If you are, I can completely understand what you're going through!

for folks who read this - ignore the anonymous troll please and thanks :)


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  • Dear QA,

    First please accept my wishes for happiness and best of luck in finding a decent comfortable relationship.

    Secondly, yeah I understand what you are talking about...people can be deceived by seeing someone successful in studies, business...etc, yet they won't understand that from what I've seen, I think social success and establishing successful relationship is something I consider as a great task that only patience strong ones can do it.

    Anyway, for me...I hit the wall many many times, I freaked out by the idea of being lonely first...but later I got used to it...

    yeah I won't deny that I dream of being in the arms of a girl who can spark light in my dark chest...but somethings aren't meant to be :)

    Well...an advice, don't get use to be lonely...it can be addictive :)


    W H

    • Thanks, same wishes to you. I just got out of a 3 year relationship (I couldn't put up with the fights anymore) so the concept of me being single for so long is new. However, I just miss the company and I had to vent to something lol (I guess this site is my diary that talks back sometimes). Hopefully, we get over this rut soon enough and get on with our happy lives :) Best wishes!

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  • lol, it's not a hobby. Just because I'm not telling you what you want to hear doesn't mean I'm fulfilling some hobby :P seriously, you look bad acting like your life is worthless without a relationship and it's a turn off. That will probably make you clingy which is another huge turn off. Get a grip and realize that there is so much more in life other than being in a relationship and wanting a relationship. Don't ignore the truth in what I have to say just because I'm not babying you and feeding into your pity party about being single.

    • omg I'm not a troll just because I'm not telling you what you want to hear and babying you for your so called dillema. Delusional much? lol

    • by the way, it's very foolish for you to dismiss what I'm saying just because it doesn't coexist with your "omg my life sucks because I don't have a boyfriend even though there are millions of people out there who have it way worse than me" idea

    • I'm just saying, don't walk around acting like an eager, desperate puppy searching for scraps.