If he still likes me why doesn't he make an effort?

So I really liked this guy (apparently he really liked me), we had a thing for awhile.. but it started to become a really stupid texting game and we never saw each other due to being really busy. I hadn't seen him in months but we continued to text. finally I told him there is no point to this and its confusing to me and we should stop. a month later he messages me, and we talked about how it sucked not texting each other. So I don't know if he is just accustomed to texting me or if he really likes me? because if he did wouldn't he want to try and make an effort?


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  • If a month had gone by I'd just give up on looking for anything serious down the line with this guy. He probably just likes talking to you or he would of tried harder to contact you within that time. Sure everyone is busy but if you really like a person you'd put in more effort to contacting them at least that 's my train of thought.

    • yea, all my girlfriends keep telling me this, but I don't want to believe it :(

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