Are you gonna kiss me or not?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month and everything has been going good, but nothing has really happened. We agreed to take it slow since he's my first boyfriend and I don't want to jump into anything, but people are annoying me by saying it's pathetic or something that we haven't even kissed yet. Anyone else ever have that problem, if so what did you do?


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  • You can start by ignoring what anyone else thinks of your relationship. It's not theirs. It's yours. If you and your chap are fine dating platonically, then do that. If you guys want to progress to kissing, then do that. But do what *you* both want, and at a pace that *you* both want. Not what some looky-loo bystanders think would be a more appropriate speed.


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  • dont let your friends pressure u. And if you want a kiss you can kiss goes both ways

  • lol, nothing weird people don't even kiss before marriage what are you talking about :)


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