What do I do about this guy?

So like 2 weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend, I loved him but he was really controlling and jealous. I broke up with him because he accused me of being in love with my best guy friend. And did I mention that my friend is GAY! yup it was that bad.

anyway I'm sorta (not really) over him now but there's this other guy and I've only known him for 4 days and he asked me out. actually he more of begged me to go out with him. Seriously, I met him one day and then the very next day he asked me out. I said no and he said please. I had to do a double take to see if he was serious. I had never had a guy like me that much that he was actually reduced to begging! Usually I just ay no and then they walk away, but not him!

He is nice and funny thought, the only problem is that I see wayyyyyyyyy too much of my ex in him, so much its sorta freaky. Anyways I sorta like him (lol he's grown on me) but I just wanna be friends, but he doesn't seem to get that! what should I do? Should I give him a chance? is this fate telling me that not all guys like my ex are bad? I'm just so confused and I really need some advice on what to do


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  • Well I think that depends on what kind of things you see in this guy that remind you so much of your ex. If this guy is good to you, I suppose that's one reason to give him a chance, especially if the good stuff are the things that remind you. If it's bad things, then maybe you should back away. Plus sometimes when a guy becomes obsessed so soon, it could be a forewarning that he could be the creepy stalker, or abusive type. If so you might want to break up with him.

    Another way to look at this is that if you really don't have feelings for him, then maybe you really should just end it. I mean it's nice that you gave him a chance, but if the real problem is just that you're not feeling it, then in all fairness there's no reason to string him along. Looking at it all laid out like this, I think the best choice is to break up with him. As for how, I'll give you some suggestions.

    Try just explaining it to him that you're not feeling it, and that this needs to end. Tell him that he also reminds you way too much of your ex and that's never a good thing, and this whole relationship was really kind of a bad decision anyway, because it was a rebound in the first place. Tell him that he's a nice enough guy, but it's not gonna go anywhere, and that's that. If he starts begging, tell him that begging is not gonna help, as you've made up your mind, and that on top of that it's just really really unattractive. After it's all over just try to put some distance between you two, and make sure he knows you don't want to see him. Being "nice" about it, or tiptoeing around the issue will get you nowhere. Sorry.

    Anyway, breakups suck but I think in this case you should probably do it, and considering what you're dealing with, you're going to need to lay it all out for him, and possibly follow up with being kind of a bitch. Sorry, I just think that's how it will work. I know it sucks. But I'm rooting for you.

    Good luck.

  • I'd go with my gut and say no but you can always give him a try, your young.


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