Was I in a rebound relationship?

If a girl was in a three and half years relationship and her boyfriend broke up with her back in June but they were still talking in trying to get back together but she was also talking to me at the same time all in June and we went on a few dates here and there met her mom(while I was dropping her off one day, she was outside) and she met some of my family and friends as well and I asked her to be my girlfriend a few times but she said no because she didn't want a relationship because she wanted to focus on herself. But see the problem is she didn't make it official to her ex that she didn't have anything else to give him until October. they were still talking and two weeks after she told him and I asked her out again and she agreed. We been boyfriend and girlfriend for about 6 weeks now but now she's acting different and seem distance..so am I in a rebound relationship?


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  • sounds like it... Sounds like she likes you but hasn't gotten over her ex.