Should have I kissed her ?

ok well I really do like this girl and have for like 3 months now. I was with her when this guy asked me for a smoke and I said no then me and her started staring into each others eyes. should have I tried kissing her?


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    • saying that I should have

    • Well, I'm just saying that people tend to regret that which they DIDN'T do more than that which they DID. Take it as you will.

    • well I just didn't think that it would be very romantic

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  • If you liked her then I think you should have...But you can always try again just if you have another opportunity take it :D

    • well I didn't think that it would've been very romantic

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  • well it doesn't sound like a very romantic story, but either way, it's best to hold hands first THEN go for the kiss, too many guys like going for the kiss out of the blue, probably because they have seen way too many movies but it makes much more sense to take a girl by the hand and see if she holds back