Would you be mad if I asked for your number and never called?

I sat near this girl in the cafeteria and started a conversation. She was decent looking and interesting but I didn't really want to ask for her number. When she was packing to leave for class she took her time packing and gave so many signs that she wanted me to ask for her number.

Should I of asked for her number even though I know I wouldn't of called?

I know if I did ask for her number it would of made her day.

This girl was just some random girl I met at my campus. I never seen her before that day and I probably will never see her again. I approach a lot of random girls and if we connect I usually ask for their number. But I mostly only approach girls I find attractive.

Thanks for your input.


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  • its better that you didn't give her any false hope. if you got mine and never called, as in even for casual friend-to-friend chats, I'd be a bit pissed..but more so confused and disappointed, and then probably be awkward/distant around you because of being a bit embaressed I guess.


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  • She wasn't holding up a sign, saying please give me your number.

    You shouldn't have given it to her, if you didn't intend on calling.

    Now when she sees you she is going to ask why you don't call her? this going to bring up unnecessary issues.

  • If you didn't care to have her number, then don't ask.

    If you didn't call..I would be annoyed and most likely ignore you from then on.

    If I give out my number, it is because I am either interested in friendship, or relationship.

    And, if you never called, I would think you just wanted to add it to your 'when I have nothing better to do' collection.

  • no you don`t have too, it was her making you for the number.

  • Nah, do what you feel like, not a fake gesture to please others. I like your honesty ;)


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