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Is it a bad idea to try to get with (date) my ex's best friend?

OK so I broke up with my cheating boyfriend almost a month ago but ever since then he's been trying to convince me to get back with him...not gonna happen. My question is: Is it a bad idea to try and get with his best friend? I like his best friend and he likes me. My ex is going to be pissed but he has a girlfriend and besides we're not together.

What do you think?

Have any insight for something like this?

& Do you think my ex will ever get over it, if I did end up dating his friend?
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To clear somethings up, I'm taking to my ex's bff >> his bff is not bff's with my ex...basicly

my ex and his friend hav completely different personalities >> my ex=totally player, been with lots of girls, cheated on all of them (found this out later), lazy and selffish and has almost no friends; his friend >> super sweet, only been with 2 girls, kinda shy but hard working, and has kool friends

Also for people that think I'm trying to get over my ex...i liked his friend when we first started dateing
Is it a bad idea to try to get with (date) my ex's best friend?
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