A promiscuous girl is asking my boyfriend to hang?

I know I probably shouldn't worry. I know I probably should chillax.

But it just pisses me off that this promiscuous girl is asking my boyfriend to chill with her. Especially since she is fully aware that I am in the picture, and that her ex (who is an old high school friend of mine) told me that she has NO boundaries - meaning that she'll go for someone whether he is single, friends with his friends, or even about to get married (and he told me about that story in full detail).

I just don't know what to do. Should I let my boyfriend be aware of what's been floating around? And if so, how should I go about it?

Just to make it clear, I have NO plans on messaging the girl and telling her to back off - I want to keep it as drama free as possible. Besides, I don't know much about her or whether this story her ex told me is even true (as he may have even just been spiteful himself).

From an outside source, I've heard my friend has broken up with her because she's slept in the same room as another guy and HE found out. He never actually mentioned this though. I find it an odd thing to do, if you ask me.
And it's been confirmed. Asked a close friend, and he said she was indeed promiscuous (and that he would have f***ed her 10 d***s ago).


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  • What does it mean "he would have f*** her 10 d***s ago?" Does this guy regrow them like a starfish?

    Also, how hot is this girl? It's clear that she's DTF your guy, (or any guy for that matter) but how tempted he'll be depends to a large extent on how hot she is, as that's what will be getting his d***'s attention.

    • It just means that my friend would have f***ed her if she hadn't had 10 d***s rammed up her p***y already.

      What's DTF? She's okay-looking, but I think she's just 18. He is 25. Looks are a pretty shallow factor though. :|

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    • She never did, and he never hung out with her alone. I just want this slut to back off - she has so many haters already so I may not even have to do a thing.

    • Good for you. And thanks for BA!

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  • My friend Tanner is in a relationship with a girl named Jill. I'm friends with both of them.

    Next thing you know, this girl named Brittany starts hanging out with us. Brittany is in a relationship but hates her boyfriend. Apparently, Brittany starts taking a liking to Tanner. And it shows through her body language.

    Few weeks later, Jill is upset and mad. Tanner hasn't done anything with Brittany, but it's putting stress on them both. So Jill and Tanner decide to cast Brittany out of their lives, despite the fact that Brittany is still trying to chase him. Good riddance!

    These kind of girls, I can't stand. They might as well stamp a 'drama maker' to their heads.

    Anyhow, my suggestion is that you both stay away from her.

    • Wow. If she hates her boyfriend then she should have straight up broken it off with him.

      How on earth did Jill manage to talk to her boyfriend about this?

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  • Haha I had a friend who had a fling with this guy for almost a year but he would never date her. Next thing you know he has a girlfriend and she, Dog as we called her, started texting my friend and messaging her on Facebook about how her boyfriend told her allll about her, how she was a whore, to stop trying to get with her boyfriend, that she wasn't pretty, that her boyfriend never even liked my friend. Well my friend wasn't trying to get with him, she was promiscuous and I often wondered if she had any boundaries but she was not trying to get with him. In fact, he often texted her first, and flirted with her and when dog found the messages flipped on my friend. So all I'm saying here is that know for sure that this girl is the way you think she is before you go off on a rampage because there is a such thing as rumors and your boyfriend may not be as innocent as you think now, or in the long run. (not accusing anything just saying.)

    • I never said I'd go on a rampage. The reason why I inquired was because I want to find out how I can address this without drama.

      And I think Dog should have broken up with your friend's boylet instead of put him on a choke holder. I've been cheated on in past relationships and I don't want to waste my time crying over something stupid all over again.

    • Talk to your boyfriend about it.

  • I say stake your claim! Don't be a pushover woman!

    • How on earth can I do that without drama? :S

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    • No, no. He doesn't want to, thankfully. We have friends that have been inside her - he doesn't want to be around those kind of people.

    • He doesn't want to? So then there no problem is there?

  • It disgusts me how some girls have NO respect for people's relationships -__- but anywho, let him know how you feel about this. And let her know that you're not gonna sit around and let her mess with your man!

    • Will do! Question now is how I go about this..