Listening to your heart or your head

Deciding between what the voice in your head tells you to do and what the heart says?...Is there a way to tell between 1) what a women is thinking in her head and 2)what her heart (or instincts maybe) tell(s) her to do? Or am I just reading into it too much? Are there any signs that might show someones "indecision?"

A girl says: "I think he's the 1, but I don't know if he's right for me?" Can a guy compare the difference of her decision making, and how to interpret what side she will choose: siding with the one who says to be with him, or the one who says not to. Something like that.


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  • Yes our heart and our consciousness is something that isn't easy for us and we deal with it every day at least I tell you the truth I don't think someones indecision would be visible, especially a woman's but than again we're women and we show lots of emotions when we're mad, sad, angry, loved - it's all there on our faces even if we try to hide it that much - you know what scratch what I said about the fact that a woman's indecision wouldn't be visible because it is but only if only you're the kind of man who understands her...and if you are somewhat like it than that's something to be grateful for because women - we like to make things complicated - we love to make you think about what we said or me it's really a torture to do that to a guy but we do it because we want to see if you would actually last through it, if we can count on you to be there for us...k sorry went off the topic but yes you definitely would see my indecision but if a girl is gifted at hiding it that much - forget ever trying to figuring it out...but I still don't think it's possible I don't know I could be wrong see what others say. Hope this helped!!


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  • You have to listen to both. I remember when I was in my first relationship I only listened to my heart and in the end it didn't work out. The heart and the brain work together. If your heart is hurting its up to your brain to decide what is wrong. Most of the time the brain is right and the heart is to stubborn to listen.

    Sometimes the heart can be right too. The heart will make a person run into a burning building to save a life, meanwhile, the brain is saying this is a stupid idea.

    If you notice something wrong in your relationship or if things aren't what they use to be, sit down and use your brain to analyze what has been happening. Then after all pros and cons have been weighed use your heart to make your decision.

    Take notice to how she treats you. Does she talk to you about your relationship or does she talk to other people? Maybe she talks to nobody?

    The heart can keep a person confused in this situation.

    The brain will probably tell a person "I want someone who talks to me"

    The best thing to do is ask her and listen.

    If you try to figure out what is going on in her head for yourself, you can dig yourself a deep deep hole that only leads to a fantasy world.

  • This question is asked fairly frequent. The classic Heart vs Head question which can be broken down to emotional and rational decisions.

    "I think he's the one but he's not right for me."

    Emotionally: I am very attracted to this person. It's fun, exciting and the sex is great.

    Rationally: He/she working at Autozone, ignores my attempts to communicate and usually drinks when I am with him/her.

    So the guy is great but on paper he's doesn't "pin" out. The same goes the other way, a person's web profile (given the the information is real) maybe great but when you date him/her, the chemistry (emotional, heart etc..) just isn't there.

    Just like anything in life, there has to be a balance between your heart and head.

    As far as my "insults" to belleza, You've gotta read the post as it was a stream of thought filled with pure emotion. I thought it was cute and poked fun of it. I went too far, I come from car forums that are usualy cruder then this community. My apologies.

    My other "do drugs" comment. I gave ther person two choices to help him/her get better:

    1. short term: do drugs

    2. long term: Actual self contructing advice.

    Now, if the person chooses drugs because of some bloke on the internet gave her that option, he's probably not going to make it in life.

    The real choice is obvious, long term economics is always the best choice and I did the first "do drugs" as a joke. I think it was outrageous enough for people to know it was a joke.

  • Belleza: "we like to make things complicated." We can tell by your stream of thought there...

    1) Yes look at what Bellza just wrote, THAT is what's going on. CraZyNeSs.

    2) Refer to 1). Heart and head go hand and hand with women (I'm women bashing here:))

    I don't understand the last question, someone's indecision? Like... if they are confused?

    • Not only did you offend women, you didn't even attempt to answer my ?. What are you trying to do, get cheap points. You say your educated and cultured, live up to the expectation that you set for yourself or don't answer my questions. I'm not kidding!

    • This is a ? about insecurity and you probably ruined it for all the other women who are going to answer. So take your responses like "do drugs" and read someone else's? and stay away from mine. If your here to help then help. Your answer is unacceptable!!