Did I mess up the 3rd date?

So, I met this guy online and we went out on our first date last Friday (about a week ago). It went really well and he said he would call me. The next day, we made plans to hang out at my apartment on Sunday (two days after our first date). We ended up getting naked, but not having sex...just about everything else. He also spontaneously said "So, if you can't tell...I like you..." (After we did everything...) At the end of that night, he asked me if I would have dinner with him on Tuesday.

Tuesday ended up being the longest day of work and classes for me and I seriously considered re-scheduling our date. I didn't feel good and looked exhausted. Nevertheless, I didn't cancel and planned to change clothes and refresh my makeup before seeing him. Unfortunately, I bumped into him before doing all that and we went right to dinner, even though I looked like a hot mess. The date was a blur, Because I was exhausted. It ended with him giving me a peck and saying that it was nice to see me... But I had a weird feeling about it. The insecurities set in!

I texted him a jokey thing on Wednesday night, just to keep in contact. He texted a really short response back and that was it...I haven't heard anything since. We didn't text a whole lot before that either, but I figured he would try to see how I'm doing, at the very least.

Should I still give him a call tomorrow to see if he wants to do something over the weekend, or was I too much of a gross-o on our Tuesday date?


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  • Jesus, that's a lot of dates in a short time. You are going to have to take initiative here. Invite him back over.

  • 3 dates in less than a week?


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