What is dating like after high school?

Aren't things a lot faster like when people kiss or make them a girlfriend or boyfriend? I hear stuff like people have sex at the 5th date is that really true? I don't want college dating to be that fast?


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  • Depends really. I can only give you my experience:

    College dating:

    Not so many out and out dates, more like lots of hanging out. While the relationships do move faster, people usually end up spending more time with each other. So yes, you'll probably have sex by the 3rd or 4th date, but in terms of time spent together, it may be closer to the equivalent of a much higher higher date count. That said, yes, it still moves faster normally. Also, quite a bit of casual sex.

    By the way: as a freshman, watch out for junior/senior guys. Freshman girls are famous for being easy for juniors and seniors, and not because they're slutty. I'm not saying that there aren't quite a few real relationships between seniors and freshmen. I am saying that there are also quite a few instances of seniors and juniors knowing EXACTLY what to say to get into a freshman girl's pants.

    Post college dating:

    So now it's a bit more like high school, with more dates but less time spent together just chilling. And both parties are less ashamed of sex, probably enjoy sex quite a bit, and use it to de-stress from work. So, faster than high school, slower than college.

    • O well I hope I don't get tricked caz I'm really gullable and like guys older than me ususally not guys in my same year...what exactly is. Casual sex I'm a virgin so I don't know all these terms

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    • Wow I didn't think people actually did that what if the girl gets pregnant.isn't that friends with benefits basically?

    • 1. Condoms and birth control pills, used correctly and consistently, minimize the risk of pregnancy. And if the girl does get pregnant, abortion is always an option. Rarely comes to that though. STDs are the main concern, and condoms are effective at preventing those too.

      2. Friends with benefits is one version. Another is just flat out random hookups - meeting somebody at a party or whatever, having sex, then really just sort of forgetting about it.

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  • Some people have sex on the first date never mind the fifth lol. The nice thing about dating though is you set your own pace. So if you don't want to have sex on the fifth date then don't! Just go with whatever is comfortable to you, there are no rules.

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  • It seems that in college there is a lot of casual sex and people don't go out for dating..they go out if they were friends first and liked each other.

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