I met a guy out of town at the bar...

and we hit it off (danced, made out) and he asked me out but I was going home the next day. Anyways I'm going back to visit in a few weeks and said we could meet up then (and we will definitely hook up!;). So we texted a few times but he's being a bit stand-off-ish. I was the last one to text him and it wasn't a good convo at all. Should I just leave it and text him when I'm back in town, or should I let him know when I book my ticket and send him texts every once in a while just to keep me on his mind...

Guys and girls opinions pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee!


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  • IMO this is the flaky world of dating. Where there's a good chance he has a girlfriend and at best your probably 1 of several women he's juggling. He could be standoffish because he has other potential people to see or things to do and he's unsure what he wants. Hard to say. Sorry I'm negative, I wasn't a big fan of the lies in the dating world. GL though!


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  • sounds like alcohol made the romance?

    • yes definitely lol. but we talked sober the day after over the phone...

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    • ok good advice. but then should I just stop texting him unless he initiates and just wait to contact when I'm back in town?

    • Yeah, wait till he contacts you.

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  • Leave it until you get there. I seriously hope you aren't going out there just to see this guy. A lot of times meeting someone at a bar can seem like one thing in the bar with the alcohol, but out of it when sobriety hits its just a person you had fun with for a night. Don't expect much out of this. If you want to hook up then be safe but don't expect a relationship/something special to come out of it.

    • haha no my family lives there. thanks :)

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