I broke my phone...Should I text him or not?

so last week me and this guy who have been seeing each other hung out during the week, then he was like hey lets hang out again Saturday or something and I was like okk then on Friday I talked to him and I was like you still wanna do something Saturday? and he was yeah I'm having some people over but if you wanna hang out a little earlier too and I was like well I can't really come over till like 9 and he was like OK that's fine and I was like okkk seeya and then Saturday I couldn't get a ride (im a soph he's senior btduubs) and so I texted him at like literarly 9:30to tell him my mom wo.uldnt drive me.. but for some reason my phone was not working for some reason the first time I sent the message and I didn't get a reply I looked and saw I hadn't sent anything... so I figured I just forgot to send it I sent it again and it still didn't show I sent it! at that point I knew it was my fone, so istopped sending it, because I didn't noe wether or not he was receiving them... so then like 3 days later I suddenly got like loads of text messages in one minute, and I got one from him saying oh ok:( so he did get it! so I was like okk good... and I figured he'd text me this week but he hasnt! I really don't know what to think, do you think he thinks I ditched him or something... ill text him tomorow regardless but I rreally don't want to bother him kay thanks


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  • You had me at "fone". Seriously? You should have your mom read this without laughing. I was trying to take it seriously but then I saw the word "wo.uldnt"? How the heck did you get a period in there? Do you know what a period is for?

    My guess is, this is what it looks like when a drunk teenage girl tries to think. No wonder I don't understand women.

    • Ahem(lets pray I get this right): I'm on an ipad. My apologies for the typos, I'll be sure to avoid them next time, buddy.

      ...No but seriously, isn't that how you spell wo.uldnt?! Thank god you told me or I would've gone my entire life, totally clueless. Well todalooo(I truly don't know the correct way to spell that, so please, enlighten me), better get back to my bottle of bourbon.

    • this made me lol

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  • you had me at fone.. lol


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  • *Phone

    • helpful...

    • I know... I would probably text him... I mean it is better to know for sure right? See what he's doing and try to set up another time to hang out.

    • yeah that's what I was thinking.