How do you progressivly show interest?

So I'm new to dating, and I've only recently begun to get a lot of male attention. I think some guys are flirting with me, but I always pass it off as them being friendly. What "stages" do you progress to to show interest in a girl? Like if you know her and see her often, like work or school. And after how long/what level of comfort/how sure of your interest in her or hers in you leads you to do those stages?

For example:

eye contact and body language (feet pointed at her, etc): aquantances

touching (not inappropriate): flirty friends

number: potiental girlfriend

Or whatever. I don't know those are probably wrong, but if I knew they were right, I wouldn't be asking :P thanks!


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  • No, those are right. If a guy isn't shy his comfort level should be average at best in him feeling a girl has interest in him to make him feel good about pursuing her. If you are flirting and is touchy feely with him then you're sending the right signs and giving him the confidence he needs to move forward with you.


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