What would make me a commitment phobe?

I want a boyfriend but sometimes I wonder if I am a commitment phobe. Before I go on a date I always get this feeling like "Do I really want to do this?" I make myself go anyway but I just don't like dating that much, I find it exhausting. Sometimes I have to push myself before a date.

Is this just normal daters' syndrome or what?


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  • Yes, it's pretty normal. I always find myself doing the same thing unless it's a guy I've been hanging out with casually for a while. The case may be that you are a bit of a commitment-phobe, I am too, but I don't think it's a bad thing. The men I've committed to have been few, but really good choices. Guys I liked a lot. It just means you're picky and see commitment as a big deal. You won't commit to just any guy in order to have a boyfriend like a lot of girls do.

    • Thanks! Yes I am somewhat picky but I don't think I'm unrealistic. I take commitment seriously so I don't do it that easily but when I'm in it I'm in it. I just rejected my most recent date for that reason. And when I'm into someone, I'm really into him, but I don't find that I'm into so many guys. Some girls just love anyone who looks their way.

    • This is exactly how I am. My expectations are not unrealistic, but I only like few guys and will not commit too easily. Once I make that commitment though I'm in it. Yes, some girls are the complete opposite and will date practically anyone. It's a shame.

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