Why isn't he answering my texts what did I do? I don't understand and I am so tired of guys and their BS?

OK so I have been on this dating website and met this really hot 31 year old marine and he messaged me and we have been talking for about 2 weeks, I thought he was interested because I mean he called me and talked to be all about all the stuff we would do when we hung out, and there was talk about the date we would have, that was Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so Tuesday is the last time I heard from him... I texted him late Weds because I wanted drinking advice (he drinks a lot) no response, then I decided not to text him Thursday, and I texted him today at like noon and still nothing... I don't understand.. and I don't wanna keep texting him because I just don't... but I mean I want to know something.. I want a damn response... like I always have to initiate which is fine because he always responses and we talk but now he isn't and I really wanted to go on a date with him and I'm depressed :(


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  • Let's not jump into conclusions right away and asume that he is a bastard and a player (which he might be). Let's give him a chance and allow him to correct his wrongings. What you need to do is 1. stop sending him messages 2. wait until he responds even if that means waiting till forever. When he contacts you, tell him politely that you weren't happy about what happened and ask for a reasonable excuse...again politely and calmly. If he didn't respond, then you know the answer.

    • I texted again he said he's been busy he has military obligations

    • Just give him some space then :) Go on with your life and focus on what you have to do.