Why won't he text me first?

He acts interested, but I always seem to be the one to text him first, and I don't want to seeme clingy so I text him about every other day because the off day I'm waiting to see if hell text me, but he doesn't. He seems excited and happy when I text him, hell say " hey you :) " or "hey!" and our conversations last an hour or more and at the end hell say "ttyl!" or "good night :)". so why won't he text me first?

it only bothers me because I don't see him as often as I would like, we live 3 hours apart.


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  • He might be afraid to seem clingy or desperate in your eyes or he doesn't take the texting/calling seriously as let's say seeing you in person. All in all, don't text him for a few days and see if he will initiate a text.

    • @ update: You shouldn't text for a while. Let him miss you :)

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  • Good ! That you are making that step lovely and smooth because many girls don't do anything about it. You should talk about a movie that is in theaters and put it on the table let see if he catches up and let him know that you still really single


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  • Just text him and ask him why he doesn't text you first.

    Be the one who ends the conversation then.

    • This. just be direct. don't tippy toe around it like the anon girl suggests.

    • @Update - Then tell him that. Give him that reason.

      When things bother you, tell him so he knows how to fix it/make you happy.

      Don't worry about being clingy or all that.

  • Well with my guy, he works a lot and he is just busy. It's not that he doesn't want to, he does let me know he is thinking about me when he gets a chance to text back. Guys aren't big on texting like women are. Have you asked him about it?