We aren't in a "official"relationship...can I date his best friend?

im dateing a old class mate of mine(from high school) for several months now, recently his best friend (whom is also a friend of mine)and I hooked up.we decided it was best to be keept a secret and not mention it to him since it was a "one time thing" ...as the time went on it turns out he wants to keep seeing me on the down low. I would like to, but I don't know if its the right thing to do, I don't want to hurt any ones feelings nor break up their friendship. what shuld I do? I really like both of them.


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  • Well, the option to not "hurt" anyones feelings was cut out the moment you hooked up.

    Can't change that.

    You may not break up the friendship, but you also have now strained it.

    Sorry- but you can't change that now.

    It will get out, whether or not you try to hide it or not.

    Unless of course, you openly disclosed to him you are NOT exclusive. Then he can't be bitter at you (and be in the right) but he can certainly be in the right to be bitter at his friend.

    Bro's before hoe's... Right? Guess not.


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  • either tell the guy you're already dating what's going on, or choose one or the other.

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