What to do with winter break coming up fast?

This girl showed fairly obvious signs of liking me. She randomly gave me her number, we tease each other, random touching, making random excuse to try and get me to hangout (wanting notes/ help in a class she has a good friend in), always told me to text her and the way we look at the other even when I tease her she is smiling.

I am kinda unsure if she still likes me though as she stopped asking me to text her but could be because I had trouble texting that much, she has called me buddy a couple times and its been a couple months stuff just keeps getting in the way.

Basically our winter break is coming up fast and I won't see her as she is going away and I have no idea what to do about it at this point. I am weary of just asking her out as she is kind of a friend.


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  • Is she's going away then you won't be able to see he if you do 'get together' anyway. Don't rush it unless you're sure. Maybe wait until next year, new year - new girl. I don't know if that helped?


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