Is loose skin on stomach and under the arms a turn off? (Honesty plz)

Truth be told I have been fat all my life ever since I was born by the time I was 16 or so I was 5"8 and weighted 280 pounds... That's when I realized I needed a diet so I got in a diet which consisted of eating a pound of boiled chicken breast a day with water for 8 months with no exercise and lost 100 pounds. I've constantly gained weight and lost etc never truly been stable so now that I'm no longer fat I'm left with a pouch as a stomach with some dimples on it and stretch marks and maybe even a little wrinkles... to me it looks ugly not to mention my right arm has what they call wings due to flap of skin. I'm afraid of surgery because of the pain and cost so I know that might not be an option... now I'm 25 years old and have never dated because just thinking about intimacy and a girl seeing my body scares me more than anything in the world.

Do girls truly mind? honest opinion would also like to hear from guys who have been in my shoes and how was your dating afterwards? be realistic we live in a world where looks matter...

what can I do about my arms and stomach? which types of exercise?


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  • Hey, look in the bright side! You lost a ton of weight and Healthier for It. Honestly it's not a big deal. I look for personality more than anything else and as you don't mind my silliness. I mean, who cares if you have a little more extra to love eh?

    But if You're still uncomfortable about it thenI'd start exercising to firm up your body a little. It would be the cheapest way to fix your problem. And you'll feel more satisfied about your appearance. You seem like a nice guy, I'm sure you'll do just fine!


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  • the worst kind of diet is when you just try to change your eating habits! You should get out there and start exercising. Stop driving/taking public transits, and walk if you can. Don't take the elevators. Do a certain number of situps/pushups a day. If you like any activity at all, go out and do that.

    I'm into well-built guys with tons of muscles on their arms so I probably would mind. But if I knew that my boyfriend was previously fat but put in an effort into looking good, I'd probably respect him more for it.


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  • Do P90X, it'll fill out the rest of you and the skin won't be as noticeable. I lost 85lbs and I have a small bit of skin on my stomach, but underneath I can feel the 6 pack.

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