If this guy is going to call, how long do you think it will take?

I went on a date with a guy this morning and he's really cute and I think it went well. He's going away to America for 10 days on a work thing. (his flight is actually right now). I know usually if a guy is interested he'll call within a few days, but because he's abroad do you think its likely he won't call till he comes back? (if he does at all ov.)


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  • I know someone who can help you link

    • Funny but mean IMO

    • Well, think about it. Other than your guy in the states, who could possibly know if he's going to contact you?

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  • depends on the guy...if he got a lot of girl friends (since he is cute) he ov. can't call of them lol

    So you just have to be patient and wait like every other women loool I'm messing!

    I thought you "DontGivaaFock" Nyway lol :P

    he will call, cos you went on a date but just may be not when he is there because he has to change phone temporarily and the whole pay as you go thing we have here might not be the same :)

  • this dude will not call you, he's probably knee deep in p**** in America and it will cost a fortune for overseas calls. forget it

    • lovely...

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    • you're nice..

    • ? sorry if I gave my honest answer

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