Reviews of PlentyOfFish?

Who here has used POF? ( It's an online dating site in case you don't know what it is and/or were wondering.

I just wanted to find out some peoples thoughts of that site before I decide whether or not to sign up.

It seems like a decent dating site, but I mainly want to hear what everyone has to say about it first. :)


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  • i check on my PlentyofFish profile about once every 6 months, in comparison to OKCupid, which is maybe twice a month.

    • Soo you didn't like it that much, I see?

    • well I did meet someone through PoF who is now a Facebook friend, so I guess it's good for that

    • Ah, ok.

  • ive used it awhile back. but its very limited on people who are actually on there.

    couple cute ones but for some reason I feel like they all have some issues

    single mom, divorced, long relationship, emo's, people who never had gfs/bfs

    it was just wierd...

    • I know it's limited with the people that live in the area, but since I'm only 20, can't imagine too many people are divorced already. Lol jk, but still..

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