Drunk texting / calling big deal or not?

I know this one girl I hang out with her sometimes, rarely lol last week she was at a club got drunk called me told me she wanted to see me I told her I can't then she started to text me saying she likes me nd stuff I told her I see her as A friend only. I saw her at school on Tuesday and she invited me to lunch after school she kissed me when I dropped her off.

This weekend we were both clubbing, it was my bros birthday we went to san jose downtown and she was in sf downtown 40-50 miles a part. She was apparently drunk again. She called me and told to come to sf to a club where she is because she really really wanted to see me I told her I can't again. She started texting me again telling me The things she wanted to me being a pervert basically. I ignored her. She kept calling me I had like 10-15 missed calls from by 3 am. what should I do with her? In the morning she texted me she was really drunk last night and she is sorry. She didn't sound drunk at all tho.

She sent a naked pic of her too


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  • Yeah would totally not get involved with someone like that. Block 'n ignore. The whole "yeah I was so drunk" thing, no she's just a stalker. Wait, unless she's attractive and you could just sleep with her.

    • She is somewhat attractive she has a great body and nice lips. She is brazilian. But if she acts like this with out sleeping with her she would be crazy after

    • Sleeping with crazy girls is great, I hear they are awesome in bed but changing your number after and faking your own death is a given.

    • Lol not worth it for me

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