Guys how do you feel about this?

[When you first meet a girl]

do you like when she texts you first? or would you rather have her wait until you text her?

and okay guys spill! what's the rules about texting girls. it drives us crazy what are we supposed to do and not supposed to do?


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  • Yes. There should be some reciprocation on both sides, and not making it a big deal.

    The bigger picture is that you want to talk, hang out with, get to know the other better. Texting is only part of that, it shouldn't be a major method of communication.

    Not a good idea to text immediately back, short messages, or let the convo get boring. Something specific you were wondering about?

    • well he told me he really wanted to hangout with me, but only texted me once since we met. and I don't know if I should text him or let him when he's ready , if he ever will again?

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    • i said yeah defiantly just text me or something when you want to

    • Then you should just let him contact you about it, you could still talk to him first but maybe not about that since he should bring it up. If he's serious about wanting to hangout, he'll ask you out.

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  • there are no stupid ass txting rules. Txt him when you want to... If he likes you enough to text you then your not bugging him

  • There are no rules and if I'm interested in her then yes I like it when she texts first.

  • Depends on the girl. If I was not interested in her and gave her my number to be nice then it would be a bit weird and uncomfortable but if it's a girl I liked then I would love that she text me first.


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