So confused with my love life right now.

I finely kinda got over the guy I like. I still like him though, but it died down. I last night I dreamed of the guy I used to like. We danced and we kissed. I don't want to like him though. We have been friends for a really long time. He went to my old school. I'm a grade ahead of him so I graduated before he did. When I was a sophomore the guy who was my friend goes to my school again. He didn't know that I went here or the he would run into me here. It seems like fate that we should be together. but I've moved on. He is really sweet. Now the guy I like right now he has a girlfriend but he was my first kiss. Now he is a grade ahead of me so he would graduate before me. I really have no clue right now. I am so confused who I want to be with right now. They both are nice and there friends. I just don't want to hurt anyone.


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  • Just follow your gut :)


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