Does this come across as confident or desperate?

If a girl on a dating website sees a guy's profile that she likes and sends a message saying hi and something light, like a cute comment about something he wrote in his profile.

Would he think she is desperate? Or would he think this shows confidence, that she is not scared to make the first move?


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  • Neither would matter to the guy. All he's thinking is - "OMG, someone paid attention to me"

    • So then, if she has a pretty picture and a good profile, will he probably be interested in her because she contacted him with a cute little remark?

    • Without a doubt. He'll think he won the lotto

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  • Nothing in that description seems to show desperation. Maybe that's why women don't like to make the first move nowadays, because they think just saying hi shows they're needy/clingy.

    If a girl sent a message like that, the guy would be happy.

    • Ha okay good. Basically I joined this online site that my friends all recommended (yeah I know I caved :P ) and a lot of guys messaged me, but there are many people and not all the ones who really caught my eye have messaged me, so I figured I have nothing to lose in saying hi. I'm sure some of them will at least write back and I'm cute enough, and other guys told me they liked my profile and pictures so I'm sure some of these will too.

      I figured I'm sick of being a passive woman :P

    • Good for you then!

    • Yup. If they don't answer it's their loss, not mine. plus, they are all strangers, so it isn't exactly personal if they don't

  • It shows confidence. Why is the guy posting a profile if he doesn't want a response?


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  • Confidence. Most guys actually really like it when the girl makes the first move. As long as you keep things simple you won't come off as desperate. It's when you're constantly up that person's ass or trying too hard to get them to like you that you look desperate.

    • What shows the difference? I just sent them one message like hey cool profile I'm X how's it going?"

  • Nah, it just shows you're not afraid to show interest!