Is dating an ex's roommate a terrible idea?

Thing is this girl had 5 roommates. I had really cared for her, dated her for 7 months, become good friends with her roommates, evidently really impressed all their parents when they came to help them move...

And then I found out that girl was cheating on me. Her roommates were the ones who told me. It was evidently with an ex that used to be abusive towards her and towards them and they were NOT happy about it, for several reasons. They also told me evidently the ex thought I was 'just a friend'. I soon corrected that. Problem is that now-ex-gf told me she never wanted to see me again after her ex-bf told her to get lost, he knew what was going on.

Over a year later now though I see her on occasion in club related events. We're civil but not friendly at all. One roommate of hers in particular has been getting very close to me. We started chatting a lot at club events, I ran into her and talked to her several hours at a party, and then one night some really serious stuff came up and she asked if I could help her. A good friend of hers had written a suicide note and she had no idea what to do. She messaged me everything, I calmed her down, and took care of it as well as I could. They're getting help, everything is hopefully fine now.

She was in contact constantly during the entire process, which ended 2 weeks ago. Even since then though she's been following me around at every band related event, messaging me random things, asking how things were going with the girl I'd been dating (and broken up with actually right before her friend ran into issues).

She keeps inviting me out to get a drink or go to a party with her, and I'd like to go with her... but at the same time I feel like this might be a terrible idea since her roommate still hates me, and I'm not sure if half her affection didn't come because she was so upset...

Is this a terrible idea?


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  • it's a pretty messy situation and will cause drama


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