What are some funny texting conversations you've had?

I feel like lately a lot of texting conversations have just been super boring, so instead of trying harder I want to hear about yours.

Whats the funniest thing you've said or received? Or even the random topics you end up on.


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  • I was bored, and I didn't want to go to bed right away, so I sent a text to a friend :

    Me : Roger, I believe I have a psychopath under my bed. I can see him drooling.

    Him : Roger to Mummy Bear. I am sending the army right away.

    Me : Now he growls at me. You better hurry.

    Him : Give him a bone, you'll have a nice puppet !

    Me : If I miss a leg tomorrow, you'll be the one to blame. 'Night, Roger.

    From that day I call him Roger, he calls me Mummy Bear =D


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  • I've actually purposely sent her(girl I was interested in.. about a month ago) a text that I would regularly send to my guy friends (something funny and gym related for example from a funny animation gym video) just to see how she reacted. She reacted quite well, and we actually had a nice conversation over it, and I was surprised how much she knew about weight lifting also. lol She was also curious about the video I showed my friend. haha

  • Maybe sending jokes about LJ during the Finals

  • This isn't really that funny but I completely owned her. I had met this girl at a party last week and we got to second base.

    Me: Come over.

    Her: Why, I'm not a guy

    Me: Couldve fooled me

    Her: So when we made out were you confused about your sexuality?

    Me: Were you?

    Her: What can I say I like charity

    Me: Your just mad because I stopped calling. Its ok

    Her: I stopped calling before you stopped calling

    Me: If that helps you sleep at night more power to you

    Her: Enjoy masturbating yourself to sleep tonight

    Me: At least Ill get to more than second with my hand. By the way you suck at kissing

    Her: Ditto

    Me: Wow that’s original. Any reason you called tonight other than you're drunk lonely and bitter?

    Her: I'm with friends tonight, which is more then you have going for you.

    Me: Right I wasn’t just out for my buds birthday. If you're out with friends why are you calling a guy who snubbed you? Your pathetic is showing

    Her: You ever stop and think your life is so sad that other people get amusement from it?

    Me: Not at all. I got drunk girls texting me all over. I'm going to bed. Tell [Friend] I said hi

    Her: You mention the drunk girls. But what about the drunk guys?

    Me: You’re pathetic have a good night. Get some implants. Blow a tranny. Peace.

    Her: Tell me more about blowing trannies. You seem experienced.

    • Actually I think she did...

    • Sooo you wanted her to come over then when she dissed you, you started being rude? Lol I think she got to you more.

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