How should I approach this situation?

So I've been reconnecting/hanging out with my ex-boyfriend (1st serious relationship/longest for both.) Broke up because his best friend was murder, grandma/uncle died (in 2 month span,) he became depressed and failed some of his classes, was in the hospital sick etc. My aunt passed away at the same time so it was a rough patch haha. He broke up, but I cut the ties after. We became wrapped up in our own problems and didn't communicate and drifted apart.

In the past 3 weeks we've been hanging out, cooking, etc. Last night was the first time he spent the night. We just watched a movie and fell asleep (no sex yet, I'm waiting haha) He said that parting with me was a mistake and that he was miserable without me. He said he wasn't going to let go again. We made plans to see each other Thurs.

I'm just wondering how I should approach this? I've never been in this position before. Does this sound like we are together again? I believe we need to discuss our past and the mistakes, should I wait until after the exam/Christmas break?


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  • Don't discuss your past right now. Wait until you hang out with him and see if he changed by any means or is it the old him. See it yourself without asking him "Did you change?". See how he treat others and how he treats you. Don't have sex until you are sure you want him back again. You will get hurt if you had sex then he left once more. After you feel that you can give him a second chance, talk through the mistakes you both have done and how you can learn from them and make it a better relationship than it used to be. Good luck :)