Why play if you don't have a chance of winning?

I had a bit of a revelation yesterday, a sort of epiphany.

Why play if you don't have a chance of winning?

So I've decided to withdraw from the dating scene . I've already batted above my average so I'm content with that but I'm never going to be epically good at dating and trying to be what I'm not.

I'm returning to the way I used to be, a bit of a nerd, happy with my little nerdish pursuits and my circle of good mates.

So basically me but minus the pursuing women or even showing much interest. I much prefer girlfriends I get through friendship anyway,

Anyone else had that realization and stopped dating?


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  • i've stopped looking, he'll find me whether I'm looking for him or not if he's the one. plus like you I like the friendship first. definitely have given up looking, too many players my age and my heart is too fragile in this time :) lovin it and don't miss it at all :)

    • I think that's my problem. I just don't have it in me to casually flirt from fling to fling, and the women I'm surrounded by of late seem a bit...immature? I mean granted it's a college environment but they're just so sad. I'm 26 (came to school a bit later than usual oh well) and allot of women I meet are in their early 20's but its weird. It's like being surrounded by teenagers despite high school being left behind.

      I agree with you though, if THE ONE exists it'll happen without looking.

    • that's funny I'm 19 and feel like I'm in high school when I date older guys (up to 24 is as high as I've gone), even some girls I feel like I'm in high school again. I went to school earlier than most people though...which you would think would help me out a little...definitely not though, oh well!

    • Yeah, definitely not helpful to be at a different...time of your life? Place? Hard to describe but when you're at a different stage and others around you are too far behind or forward in maturity it can make things a bit difficult. C'est la vie, lol.

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  • I've given up on western women. Giving up on all women would be insane.

    • I already dated foreign women. One was for a couple of years, obviously insane but at least honest and up front about romance, which is refreshing, Japanese women are nuts but at least they commit lol. Last foreign girl I saw was Canadian though, such a game player it's nuts.

  • Haven't been on a date in years. I don't miss it at all.

    • I hope to get to where you're at one day. Single does bother me in some ways but there was a time it just wasn't a major concern, sorta like the way you think "Jeeze it'd be nice to have a sports car, oh well".

      I want to return to that. :)

    • Watch Fight Club a few times ;)

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