Was this a bad idea? How to redeem myself? Did I scare this guy off?

i am not clingy! but what I did appears that way. I enjoy space in relationships.

OK, we are taking it slow which is great for me. I met this guy, we had a 1st date, then we met up another time , we see other pretty often in class, but a guy friend told me if I was interested in a relationship that I should ask him to do something to send the message that I don't want to be just friends. my guy friend told me to invite him over for dinner. well coming from a guy I thought OK. I asked my crush and after asking I realized that this is way too forward/scary like I'm trying to progress a relationship too fast. which I am certainly not. I did not wan to ask him to go to the movies because he may feel obliged to pay and I don't wnat him to. should I text contact the guy and tell him ""that by dinner I did not mean anything serious. and that it is no diff to me than the movies or a basketball game. I just wanted to do something with him and did not want him to feel obliged to pay." how can I redeem this? I messed up. and was not meaning anything at all by that.

im cooking dinner for him. sorry for the confusion


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  • Wait, this is so confusing. So you asked him out to dinner? You guys are dating. Relax, its no big deal.

    • You're fine, you're only cooking dinner for him. I'm sure he'd like that. Just chill out.

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