Problems with my ex...Again.

Well, if you have read my last question about my ex you will be up to date if not here is a little summary;

She went to a party, met some guy, had a lot of fun and we then went on a break. I later found out while we were on the break she kissed that guy so I told her that I didn't want to talk to her until she knew what she wanted.

We stopped talking on the phone and stopped texting one another for about a week straight.

Well, about two days ago I get a Myspace message. We got in a fight about that guy she kissed and I told her I was done . I deleted her from myspace (she already logged off so she didn't know about this until the next day) and sent her a text telling her that because she has been treating me like shit I did not want to be with her. I did not get any message back that night.

Then the next morning I was in my art class and I get a text. It said "You seriously deleted me from Myspace!?!?" We started talking about everything and she said she wanted to still be friends on their so I agreed.

Then later that night she texts me and we start talking about the whole situation. I asked her if I could call her, this being a very personal subject and she agrees. So, she called me and we talked for about an hour. She said it was not about that guy and that she hasn't even talked to him after that occasion (I believe her for some reason). Also, she said she is just very confused and needs time to find herself. She wants space to see if I am truly what she wants in life (we started dating at a younger age of 16 and been together for three years). I do not blame her for feeling this way and understand completely.

When we stopped talking she did say that no matter what does happen her heart will always tell her she loves me, it is just her mind that is worried.

So my question is: what should I do? Should I stop all contact with her? Only text her if she does first? Don't cal' her let her call me?

I understand how she must feel right now, and truthfully I think we could work this out but I don't want to do anything to ruin it.

P.S.- she told me that she doesn't exspect me to wait for her. I have told her before I wasn't goign to be her safety net. Does this just mean she doesn't think we will get back together and is sugar coating it? I am confused myself.

Thank you in advance.

As I was writing this she called me. I pick up and she is like Hi, ummm...what is the difference in a full tim eand part time college student.I tell her and she said,Oh, ok thanks. Well I am straightening my hair right now I will give
you a call later. Love you, bye.

I said love you too and hung up.

Why would she just randomly ask that when she is straightening her hair? It kind of seems she was just looking for a reason to call. But I don't know.
When we did talk that night she said that she misses hearing my voice. I don't know if that is a sign or if it means nothing but what is said.


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  • I would wait to see how it all unfold. you two have been together so long it would be a shame to end things. however if she keeps you waitng too long you need to end it for good because then she would just be messing with your head

    • Well see, she wants me to go out and have fun. She said she doesn't expect me to wait for her. because of those two things I don't know if she even thinks we will get back together. Right now I haven't been calling her and I think it seems to be working (hence the call I got today but I dunno). Would you agree?

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    • Oh well thank you, I seem to think so haha. =)

      Well, I guess your right. It will either make her realize she wants me or not. If she realizes she doesn't want me from all this, I guess it was never meant to be in the first place. Thank you for your help =)

    • Your welcome :) good luck!

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  • you know the saying "you don't no what you have until its gone"? I can't get inside her head, but be very careful. she just wants to see how she really feels without you being around do u really believe that? question u have to ask your self can you trust her? if u can't trust her then you need to move on. U maybe holding onto the relationship because I assume she is your first love. she maybe not letting go completely because you are probably her first love. its always hard to move on no matter what, but especially when its your first relationship. I assume based on age. I would in the mean time try and do somethings (hobbies) that u wouldn't do with her to stay busy. stay focused on school work. don't always answer when she calls/texts. if u guys have the same friends that can be a challenge. in the mean time hangout with them when she isn't around. give each other space. don't play mind games, but look out for red flags.

  • yeah don't call her only pick up every other time she calls you... I think she is missing you and realizes what she has done but is wondering if you are still there for her when she is ready. don't let he keep you hanging on in hope if she ever needs you for anything... but give her sometime, serious relationships that young (mine started at 16 and now I am 20 in the same relationship) can make you wonder if you aren't missing something better... you do get confused cause you never really had the chance to explore what it was like to just date around you know... but just like me and my bf/baby's daddy, in time she will figure it out and I promise she will let you know... she doesn't sound like she is using from what you say... she sounds like she is really confused and wondering if she is missing out on something else out there but if she is smart she will learn and find out that she was lucky to find such love at a young age, when most people go through there whole lives without finding that one till late 20's to early 30's.


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