She said it was OK for her friend to give me her what?

OK so I met this girl out at the clubs this past weekend. She was really cute, amazing eyes, we ended up making out.

Anyways, we had parted ways before the night was over and her friend asked if I thought she was cool and I said yeah she's really chill. Well the next day I had asked my friend (who is mutual friends with this girl) if she was getting these tickets to this concert this weekend online or at the door. She said online and then told me the girl wasn't going to be able to make it due to family issues.

I told her that it was too bad because she was really cool and down to earrth, that if she wanted she could give the girl my number. That way I'm leaving the ball in her court. She came back and said I'll see if she wants me to give you her number. I told her that it was OK and that if I saw her again and I felt she was interested that I'd ask for it myself, that if she wanted my number that she could give it to her.

She responded later and told me that she said to give me her number. So she did and like 2 and a half hours after she gave it to me I sent her a "heyy" text around like 730pm.

Well here I sit at 730am, lol, and have yet to hear anything back.

Whats the deal? I let it go and figured she may be busy, but I don't know I find it weird I haven't gotten a "hey whose this" back or a simple "hey what's up" or something...

Now normally I wouldn't think much of it, but this is like the second time a girl has given me her number int he past 3 weeks and I've texted them a simple hey or what's up or whatever and I get nothing I'm so confused...

so why would a girl give you her number and not respond?

Do I send her another text before this weekend? or do I just say whatever and if I see her again, exchange numbers...?

i dunno...i seem to always respond back to numbers I don't know who they are, just to see who it is lol

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  • call her. texting is cowardly.

    • you're right. but even if I texted her "heyy" and I haven't heard anything back...I'm just confused as to why a girl would want her friend to give me her number and then not respond. you think I should call her b4 this weekend to see what she's up to?

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  • This is a girl who gives her numbeer to many guys, she hasn't got the time to respond to all of them. For whatever reason you aren't a priority.

    • but she didn't even know it was me lol that's what I'm confused about

    • Gives her number to so many guys she can't remember all of them

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